Currency of work

The Backbone of Modern Work Agreements.

Transparent contracts. Drastically reduced overhead costs. And instant payments.

Facilitated by Grain’s blockchain solution.


How Grain changes the world of work agreements.

The administrative processes to handle a dynamic workforce are cumbersome and expensive.

By moving work agreements and payment to the blockchain, both sides of the transaction benefit tremendously:

Cut inflated labor costs

Companies can save billions in expensive payrolling and other middleman services by organizing work agreements through GRAIN.

Cross-currency payments become 10x cheaper

Transferring money to workers becomes cheap by eliminating unfavorable exchange rates or high transaction costs.

Stop cash flow issues due to late payments

Instant payments after delivery of work ensures contractors never get in trouble with their cash flow.


How does a transaction work?

Once a worker and employer make an agreement about the work to be delivered, the process is simple:

1) Agreement details are logged on a smart contract.
2) Work is delivered and consensus is reached.
3) Instant payment from company to worker.

Core elements

The core elements that fuel modern work agreements

The protocol’s five elements make it a solution that facilitates reliability, flexibility and compliance.

Labor contract

Details of the work agreement.


Instant (international) transfer of funds


Allowing workers to benefit from the success of GRAIN

Liquidity insurance

Protection against fluctuations in value


Ability to answer to regulatory and compliance requirements


Better work agreements through transaction partners

Grain is the new operating system of work. Its protocol will be the basis and infrastructure for transaction partners to process work agreements on the blockchain.


Discover what Grain is all about.

Interested to discover more about why a solution like Grain is needed? And how the mechanisms behind it work? Then have a look at one of our supporting documents:

Whitepaper download
the roadmap 16/18


/ 2016 - 2017

Start of Flexentral with an 500K seed investment.

Development of proof of concept solution.

Q4 / 2017

Release of first public version of the whitepaper.


Pre-ICO and initiation of Grain Foundation

Q1 / 2018

Public whitelisting and token sale of Grain tokens.

First ditribution of developer funds.

Q2 / 2018

First public beta of Grain API set.

Listing on first exchanges. Public release Flexentral.

The Grain. foundation

The GRAIN ecosystem is managed by an foundation to ensure future development.

The organization acts as a non-commercial organisation that is responsible for managing the technical infrastructure and onboarding new transaction partners.

The team
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